Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patty's Day in Nebraska?

Nebraska is a great place. There's a work ethic, a respect for learning, and a sense of family that when combined build a capable, resilient populace.

Southeast Nebraska, where I live, was settled primarily by Germans and Czechs. They're a hard working, hard drinking people. I'm mostly of Irish descent, with a bit of German and Dutch thrown in to make things confusing. I mostly fit in here, but I suppose I identify most with my Irish heritage. The Germans had Hitler, and the Dutch had William of Orange, while the Irish have James Joyce, Patrick O'Brien, and lots of novels by Leon Uris celebrating their heritage.

This is all preamble to describing my first St. Patrick's Day back in Nebraska after a two year hiatus. Two years ago we were in New Orleans with too much money in our pockets, and too much time in the field in our psyches. Last year we were in Iraq.

Now, I'm moving into my new house this coming weekend, so I decided not to travel anywhere and instead enjoyed a quiet St Patty's Day in Lincoln, Nebraska.

After work I boxed up a couple of book cases, and washed two loads of towels (they fold quickly), then headed up the road to my local sports bar. It's not a bad place, but outside of Nebraska football Saturdays it has nothing particular to recommend it besides Guinness on tap.

The atmosphere just wasn't that festive. A rueben (no corned beef and cabbage available), some french fries, and Guinness. Of course I'm surrounded by yuppy wannabes drinking green beer and listening to Metallica on the jukebox. No Dropkick Murphys, no drunken singing, no beads, not much fun at all.

Next year I'm traveling. Chicago, Boston, or New Orleans. Just not here. Not until Lincoln gets a real Irish pub, anyway.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Home Construction

Today was supposed to be the day I closed on my new house. No foreshadowing here, everything's fine, my loan processed painlessly with a happy-making interest rate, and the house is in good shape, just a week behind schedule.

It looks awesome, so far. My friend Scott and I went and checked it out tonight after work. It's painted, the hardwood floor and tile is in on the first floor, still no carpet on the 2nd. They finally poured the garage floor, but haven't drywalled the garage yet.

I'm taking off five days around next weekend to finish packing, close on the house, and move. With any luck in ten days I'll be sleeping happily in my brand new home! How cool is that?

Monday, March 10, 2008

More from the bowels of the 'Nice Guy'

I'm a frequent poster on a dating website/forum. One of the constantly reoccurring laments is that of the 'nice guy'. "Why don't girls like nice guys?" the shout into the wind, "The always go for the bad boys instead!"

It gets old fast. Here's my latest reply to a whiny 'nice guy'.

Another nice guy thread? Seriously?

I'm beginning to believe the true 'nice guy' is as mythical as the mothman or sasquatch.

If you are truly a 'nice guy' then you would offer a woman friendship with no expectations of anything in return, and therefor wouldn't be angry or disappointed by any lack of success in this area. If you're a 'nice guy' who's pissed that he's not getting any action then I submit that you actually are NOT a nice guy, but are instead a passive/aggressive player wannabe who doesn't have to confidence to actually play the game.

The 'bad boy' is often the true nice guy. He's out there being his own person with no expectations or demands. He enjoys the company of the woman that he's with for her own worth. He's not playing a game.

Have confidence in yourself, go out in the world and be who you are with a smile and no expectations. You might be very surprised how women respond.