Friday, November 23, 2007

Sorry so non-prolific

Almost a month since I've written anything here.

I'm ensconced in Springfield, MO taking full advantage of my father and his wife Joy's considerable hospitality. I'll never understand people who resent or don't get along with their families. Mine is wonderful, and I'm both proud and pleased to be descended from them. If that sounds a bit too Eddie Haskell, well tough shit.

I'm enjoying putting on a few (or ten) holiday pounds, but working them off after the new year is likely to be challenging to say the least. I'll be Mr. Self-Help fitness guy again at that point, and probably insufferable in my certainty that I'm always right, and I'm working harder than anyone else in here. No, I still don't intend to go to Ranger School this summer, or ever, but I might as well get back into the kind of shape where such a thing isn't just a cruel joke.

Lots of full weekends with work stuff, Army stuff, family stuff, and more Army stuff. My Guitar Hero controller sits woefully underused by my TV, and as you can see my blog suffers from lack of attention as well.

I need to sit still for a bit and think of something good, something important to write. It was a six hour drive down here (which I did in five hours fifteen minutes thank you very much) and I was full of ideas which flew right out of my head as soon as I turned off the engine and stepped out of the little green truck.

Zombies, Soldiers, interstellar princes and pirates beware. My imagination will once more flow with dangers and trials to quell the heart of any Cimmerian or Jedi.

Happy Thanksgiving too all my friends and family.

Thanks Tosca, you rule.