Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just another day in Iraq
Current mood: cranky

Well, the weather's starting to heat up a bit. Its been about six weeks since we left the US, a little less than a month here in Iraq thus far. We're having fun getting our internet connections set up. 1st platoon got theirs running a couple days ago, so we decided to go through the same outfit they used. Y'know, proven reliability and all that. 3rd platoon is getting theirs through some vendor out of Poland. It's supposed to be faster and cheaper than the set up we got. We're also having trouble getting enough people to sign up to make it inexpensive. Which isnt all bad, the fewer people the more bandwidth.

Weve been going about 20 days without any days off for anyone, and its starting to show. Some folks tempers are getting a little short, and the whining is getting a bit louder. Me, Im just sinking into the groundhogs day philosophy.

Another mail call a minute ago. Pickings sure are slim. It seemed like at Camp Shelby we were getting care packages all the time. Every mail call would fill up the back of a humvee. Now for my entire platoon its a few letters and one or two packages a day (none for me, yet). I wonder if the mail is just that much slower getting stuff over here, or what?

Not much more to talk about right now. Once again, sorry we dont have much excitement around here. Then again, as everyone back home keeps telling me, boring is good.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Here in Iraq
Current mood: bored

I finally got around to registering my blog today. I imagine some military intelligence soldier somewhere has gotten stuck with the horrific task of reading through this thing to look for operational security violations. I trust that none will be found, I'd like to think I'm pretty non-specific.

I won't say much of the mission we're doing here except that it's frightfully dull. We don't go outside the wire, I have a little air conditioned shack I work in most of the time, and I think we're in much greater danger from accidents than enemy contact.

We've been on the ground here for about three weeks now, and we're settled in pretty well. I have my own room in this little trailer sort of set up, I have a TV and DVD player, a refrigerator, and I'm currently borrowing a friends internet connection in his room while I'm waiting for mine to be installed. I haven't made it to the gym much yet as I'm still adjusting to our work schedule, but I've got a program set up, and my intention is to start up on the first.

The bank account is already starting to look pretty healthy, and I expect I'll have a pretty good sized chunk saved up by the time all this is over with. I should be able to afford the new motorcycle, plus have some cash for a down payment on a house.

The days are going by slow though. The job is dull, and every day seems like that movie 'Ground Hog's Day' where the guy keeps living the exact same day over and over again. Oh well, we're closing on 1/2 way now.

Keep the cards, letters, e-mails, and other smile inducing things coming.

Sunday, April 9, 2006

arrived safe and sound

Arrived safe and sound
Current mood: busy

We made it in one piece. I'll be blogging the trip here from Kuwait shortly, but it was a nightmare of logistical complexity.

Any one who wants to send care packages is encouraged to let me know. I'll send you my snail mail APO addy privately.